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If your outbound team does any manual task repetitively on the web, automate it with us and spend time on customizing reach outs and building relationships with clients instead

20+ automations for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Community platforms and Marketplaces

Linking different social platforms

Pick the automation, fill2-4 inputs and start getting results in few seconds

Settings to start getting automation results

Scrape jobs data to access technographic data

Scrape Customer reviews from the internet to analyze brand sentiments.

Stitch various agents to automate prospecting and outreach with Beanbag AI

List of Automations on Beanbag AI

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LinkedIn People Search Export

Easily fetch all the publicly available People data from LinkedIn search in a few simple steps.

Sales Navigator Leads Search Export

Power your prospecting by collecting the Leads data from Sales Navigator search in a few simple steps

LinkedIn Prospecting Automation

Collect the pre-defined Prospect's job role data in a few simple steps from the LinkedIn search query.

Sales Navigator Accounts Search Export

Collect all the Accounts filter data from Sales Navigator with this Accounts Search Agent.

Slack Community Members scraper

Use this Slack Agent Bean to collect any Slack Community members data in one place for your usage.

Slack Members Messaging

Use this Agent Bean to automatically send messages to Slack Community members that you're part of.

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